Saturday, 16 February 2019

A Time Apart: Doris RIG COMPLETED!!!!!

So I have done the last of Doris's rig which was to make blendshapes for the eyebrows and plug them in, I had a problem where the original blendshape would jump to the location of the target blendshape - this was because I froze the transformations on the target blendshapes which you're not supposed to do, I fixed this by re duplicating the original eyebrows, moved them up the same value and this time I didn't freeze the transformation - I left the values. I aim to have Rosa's rig completed by the end of this weekend - that is my goal so here we go!

Below are some facial expressions I made to test the rig and below that is her rig demo!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

A Time Apart: Prop Modelling - Suitcase

In between rigging I've been doing a tiny bit of prop modelling, here is Fred and Doris's suitcase, it's not completed yet as I still have to add dents in it to make it look used and worn, I still need to add a tag to it in addition to textures (obviously). I will use the same model for both Doris and Fred however their textures will be different, Fred will have a darker brown / tan coloured case where as Doris's will be lighter.

A Time Apart: Doris Lateral Mouth Movements

Today and yesterday I have been trying to do the lateral mouth shapes on Doris, I'm not 100% happy with her mouth shapes but I think I've done an OK enough job, below are a couple mouth shapes I have done just to test the rig. All that's left is the eyebrows then that's Doris complete!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

A Time Apart: Doris and Rosa Mouth Rigs and Extra Facial Controls

These screenshots demonstrate the mouth rig and extra facial controls are completed and working correctly, however, the lateral mouth blendshapes are not done yet. I decided to do the extra facial controls before the blendshapes because I knew roughly what to do without having to look back at the tutorial video and felt I could achieve more today by doing it in this order.

Left to do: Lateral mouth movements and eyebrow blendshapes. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to give my characters sticky eyes, (where the eyelid moves slightly with the eyes) and the squash and stretch because of time mainly.

Monday, 11 February 2019

A Time Apart: Rosa Facial Rigging - Head Controls/Cheek thinning/Blink CTRLs/Eye Look/Tongue

I've caught Rosa up to the same progress as Doris, Rosa took a little longer as I had to skin her eyelashes as well, so far so good and onward with Doris's mouth rig.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Time Apart: Doris Facial Rigging - Head Controls/Cheek thinning/Blink CTRLs/Eye Look/Tongue

After being silent for a few days on blogger here's a progress post of Doris, but before that here's a little bit of what I've been up to the past few days... Wednesday I had animation class where I attempted to fix my Fred "hot" animation and my half character's demo reel stomp as both were missing the follow-through/overlapping animation which I struggled with animating so I'm not posting it until after next week's lesson. Thursday I went to the VFX festival with Rachael at the Southbank Centre in London where we listened to talks from different studios in the industry - you can read about it from Rachael HERE. Friday I took a day out from computer work to film my animation reference that I still need to edit together - thanks again to those who helped me: Jen, Laura, Jesus and Tom.

Yesterday I was skinning Doris's head and putting in the controls: so far I've done jaw rotation, cheek thinning, tongue controls, and the eye look rig with a blink. (Last night I was having problems with the pose space deformers so I took a break and came back to it with fresh eyes this morning), whilst this is fresh in my memory I'm going to do the same for Rosa now before moving on to mouth controls and lateral mouth movement.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

A Time Apart: Half Character Mega Post - UV Mapped/Textured/Skinned/Rigged/Animated Demo Reel

This post is pretty self explanatory as to what I've been up to today, I've UV mapped and textured my model, (made prior to today). I've rigged and skinned it from memory and did a rig demo for it. I've also done a tiny bit of animation with it and made a demo reel, (hopefully the little bit of animation suggests what the character is like without having to see the upper half of the body), I chose navy as the main colour because it gives me connotations of strictness... Safe to say, it's been a very productive day!